I will allow discussion of alternative lists people may wish to join
before closing this list.

in echo of the rest, yeah, thanks, its been a good list.

I also run a reasonably current version of mailman on my server, and have sufficient bandwidth and adequate uptime to host this list. My server has had only a few hours of downtime in the past 3-4 years... I host several other lists, including a rather busy music list with dozens of posts every single day, and 200-300 subscribers. Any idea roughly how many subscribers this list has? I show approximately 13000 posts since I first subscribed in august(?) 1996 (yes, I have all that in my mail folders). thats an average of about 4 messages a day, well within reason.

Converting this list to mailman would simply require getting the current subscription list in the form of one address per line, and dropping it into mailman's 'mass subscribe' admin interface.... a bonus would be getting the archives in Mailbox format, and dropping them into the pipermail archive feature, this would create searchable online archives back as far as we care to go.

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