On 08/01/2011 12:38 PM, Bryan Cain wrote:
Since Mesa 7.11 is released now, I figure it's time to discuss merging
the glsl-to-tgsi branch to master again.  The translator is more mature
than last time.  There are no regressions that I know of on any driver.
The code generation has improved so that it's the same as or better than
ir_to_mesa in almost every case.

It also will still emit TGSI integer opcodes if you change
ctx->GLSLVersion from 120 to 130 in st_extensions.c.  Driver developers
can use this to implement these opcodes in their drivers, since they
will be needed for GLSL 1.30 eventually.

Are there any objections to merging it to master now?  If there aren't,
I'll revise some of the commit messages for correctness and wrap long
lines since cgit doesn't do that automatically, then merge it after
getting approval.

Sounds OK to me.

I was just skimming over the new stuff - it looks like
create_color_map_texture() is duplicated in two files and could be shared.

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