Hi all,

This series aims to make platform detection/selection easier, explicit and less 

To do that I've introduced Vulkan inspired EGL_USE_PLATFORM_*_KHR macro 
guards. The user _really_ wants to select the on they use, yet 
things should continue to compile (albeit there can be ABI issues in 
corner cases**) if they haven't provided any.

Why fragile - current approach depends on the include order, as such 
platforms like GBM, Wayland and/or others need to have the respective 
header included _before_ anything that would pull eglplatform.h - egl.h 
eglext.h and/or others.

Furthermore alongside the GBM and Wayland platform others tend to be 
done in a ad-hoc manner.

For example, the upstream Apple code is analogous to the Symbian, yet 
for platforms such as Darwin one can/does use the XLIB code.

The series represents what IMHO is the "should happen in a perfect 
world" solution, admittedly with the last 1-3 being rather debatable.

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated !


** If we agree that we can remove the detection heuristics

Emil Velikov (7):
  eglplatform.h: introduce and use EGL_USE_PLATFORM_*_KHR
  eglplatform.h: introduce EGL_USE_PLATFORM_XCB_KHR
  eglplatform.h: Introduce EGL_USE_PLATFORM_APPLE_KHR
  eglplatform.h: warn when the user hasn't provided a known platform
  eglplatform.h: remove local mesa hacks/workarounds from eglplatform.h
  Revert "build: fix EGL build when no X11 headers are present"
  eglplatform.h: remove buggy/fragile autodetection

 configure.ac              |  7 -----
 include/EGL/eglplatform.h | 79 +++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 2 files changed, 42 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)


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