This series leaves out everything from the previous series that was 
to controversial, requires more discussions or could be done as a
follow up.

It just cleans up how LLVM version/target/component checks are used.
No version or other requirements were changed.

I reordered the patches a little bit and reduced the code movement
a lot.
There's only 1 line that is moved twice (call of the function
"llvm_set_environment_variables()"), but there's no way around this
(patch 12 and patch 14). The reason why is explained in patch 12.

After each patch I made sure that these drivers:
either build or fail to configure under these conditions:
a) LLVM installed and version >= version required 
    --> build
b) LLVM not installed 
    --> fail to configure
c) LLVM installed and version < version required 
    --> fail to configure
d) LLVM installed, version >= version required but missing target/component 
    --> fail to configure
e) "enable-gallium-llvm" needed but "disable-gallium-llvm" used
    --> fail to configure
I also made sure that i965 ("classic" dri driver) and softpipe build 
regardless of the LLVM version or if LLVM is installed.

I left "llvm_add_component()" to only take one component at the time.
This way the error message can state which component is actually 
missing. If you still want it changed to take multiple components
at once, this could be easily done.
Patches 5,6 and 7 could be one patch as they just move code around,
but the diff was really unreadable so I split it up.
I also kept the reviewed by tag for patch 1 and (now) patch 8, 
because they didn't change.

Tobias Droste (18): Don't search llvm-config if it's known Add helper function for targets/components Use new llvm_add_default_components Use new helper function for LLVM Move LLVM version check to the top Move LLVM functions to the top Move llvm-config searching outside the function Remove useless oCL LLVM check Use short names for r600 und r300 Check gallium LLVM version in gallium_require_llvm Remove swr_llvm_check() Move llvm_set_environment_variables higher. Move oCL LLVM checks to the oCL section Move LLVM ac_subst closer to usage Move radv check to the Vulkan section Reorder arguments in radeon_llvm_check Only add default LLVM components if needed Add required LLVM versions to the top | 450 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 1 file changed, 260 insertions(+), 190 deletions(-)


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