Quoting Andres Gomez (2018-02-13 14:42:57)
> -if with_amd_vk or with_gallium_radeonsi
> +if with_amd_vk or with_gallium_radeonsi or with_gallium_swr
>    _llvm_version = '>= 4.0.0'
> -elif with_gallium_opencl or with_gallium_swr or with_gallium_r600
> +elif with_gallium_opencl or with_gallium_r600

It's really up to the SWR team what they want to do here, but Meson doesn't
generate the headers as part of building a dist tarball, it generates them at
build time whether in git or in a tarball. And doesn't use the ones generated by
autotools, so it *should* be possible to leave this as 3.9.0 if they like. 

As long as either Tim or George gives an ack or review,
Reviewed-by: Dylan Baker <dy...@pnwbakers.com>

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