Just for baseline:
I have no problem running and creating apitraces from
Bioshock Infinite or TombRaider, I think both 32-bit
CAT Interstellar which is 64-bit

using this command
R600_DEBUG=nir apitrace trace --output=/home/nano/bio2 %command%

and building either the 64 or 32 bit version of apitrace

Am 04.04.2018 um 14:06 schrieb Timothy Arceri:
> On 04/04/18 21:51, Benedikt Schemmer wrote:
>> Hi Timothy,
>> thanks for looking into this.
>> Dead Island still crashes for me with NIR.
> Just to make sure, are you building a 32bit version of Mesa? If not you
> might be running your system Mesa. If you are definitely building Mesa
> 32bit then I'll take a closer look tomorrow.
R600_DEBUG=nir apitrace trace --output=/home/nano/bio2 %command%
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