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We have an image processing project libxcam
(https://github.com/intel/libxcam/wiki) which has been based on OpenCL
to support amount of features. Recently, we decide to porting kernels
to GLES compute-shader language and based on Vulkan APIs. Certainly
the driver is Mesa.

There are my questions.

1.Which vulkan API versions are supported in Mesa. and which Mesa
version or commit_id is stable.

Let's see if I get this correctly :)

Vulkan 1.0.57 by Mesa 18.0 and Vulkan 1.1 is supported by the development 

Thanks for your quick reply.
Which is development branch, the master or 18.0 branch?


2.How mature is Mesa support of GLES compute shaders? We’ll use
storage buffer, share local memory and image samplers. Is there any
known issues we need take care?

These should work as specified, if you encounter issues please file bugs and if
possible attach a test to the bug that will trigger the issue.


3.Besides Linux, how about Android status? We need libxcam run on both

It *should* work, vulkan is not currently actively tested on Android since it 
is disabled
by default in Android IA build. There are also some known issues with some dEQP
tests not passing but I've been running it now and then and many apps such as
3DMark, vulkan samples from Imagination and vulkan examples by SaschaWillems
have been working fine.

Sounds good. BTW I'm fresh for Vulkan. Could you point me where to get vulkan 
with source code. The API spec is good but boring. I'd like to learn some good 
samples before coding.

Well there are lots of tutorials out there .. and they all have their own issues and problems so I'd like to avoid pointing to anything.

I've done some experiments on Android and using this project as a base:


// Tapani
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