On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 1:01 AM, Jose Fonseca <jfons...@vmware.com> wrote:
> Indeed, this problems happen with Windows q3arena demo only. Ioquake3, and I 
> believe that the latest windows full quake3 binary too, correctly handles the 
> full extensions list.
> However I suspect that quake2 and earliy releases of quake3 arena and quake3 
> arena demo suffer from limitation.
> The most worrysome thing here is not quake3 by itself, but the thought that 
> other GL apps  out there may too truncate the GL extension string.

Then sorry for the noise, maybe the commit could have made it a bit clearer :)

It does seem that latest version of quake 3 (and ioquake3) use a large
enough buffer of 8192.
But earlier versions of q3 might have used something as short as 512.
Unfortunately, I could not find when exactly it was fixed.

I somehow forgot the obvious fact that there are 20 or more q3 based
proprietary games
(thanks to Patrice Mandin for pointing that out)

We would need to test them all in their latest version to know which
ones are still affected and were not fixed. I could not find any
report / information about that either.

Patrice also pointed me to the workaround that nvidia driver provides itself :

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