These arch-like conf files are actually used as generic
configurations for multiple x86 boards.

Serial console settings are board-specific so there is no
such a perfect setting fitting all of boards.

Developers should use the existing variables in OE to
customize console settings for the type of a board, like
APPEND, etc in a permanent conf file in their BSP layers
or the temporary local.conf in build time.

If they still want to have a single BSP conf file and
image built for multiple targets, they could try RMC
feature with provided board-specific bits as a runtime

With either of two options available to developers, we
purge these hardcoded default settings.

We don't change quark config this time because of boards
of this family are not so many as the other two.

Signed-off-by: Jianxun Zhang <>
This is the proposal #1 to remove (any) tty in generic x86 conf files. I know 
you could only want to remove ttyS0 but the issue is common on other consoles.

I only tested it on NUC4 which expects no any consoles. I guess people could be 
confused when seeing some issues on boards that do need the removed consoles. 
Well, refer to commit msg to justfy it...


 conf/machine/intel-core2-32.conf  | 4 +---
 conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf | 4 +---
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/conf/machine/intel-core2-32.conf b/conf/machine/intel-core2-32.conf
index 5f8ee24..2e4df55 100644
--- a/conf/machine/intel-core2-32.conf
+++ b/conf/machine/intel-core2-32.conf
@@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ XSERVER ?= "${XSERVER_X86_BASE} \
             ${XSERVER_X86_VESA} \
-SYSLINUX_OPTS = "serial 0 115200"
-SERIAL_CONSOLES = "115200;ttyS0 115200;ttyPCH0"
-APPEND += "rootwait console=ttyS0,115200 console=ttyPCH0,115200 console=tty0"
+APPEND += "rootwait"
 PACKAGE_INSTALL_append_pn-core-image-minimal-initramfs = " linux-firmware-i915"
diff --git a/conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf 
index 30d492f..ed85262 100644
--- a/conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf
+++ b/conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf
@@ -26,8 +26,6 @@ XSERVER ?= "${XSERVER_X86_BASE} \
             ${XSERVER_X86_VESA} \
-SYSLINUX_OPTS = "serial 0 115200"
-SERIAL_CONSOLE = "115200 ttyS0"
-APPEND += "rootwait console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty0"
+APPEND += "rootwait"
 PACKAGE_INSTALL_append_pn-core-image-minimal-initramfs = " linux-firmware-i915"

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