On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 10:09 AM, Puustinen, Ismo <ismo.puusti...@intel.com>

> > While these patches are the same, I would prefer if we had 2 distinct
> > patches for libva and gstreamer-vaapi.
> Ok, I'll split the patch in two.
> > Is this related to what Mikko found recently with gstreamer-plugins-
> > bad?  I believe there was a missing dependency there also.
> I think this is related, yes, but not directly. The goal in both this
> and Mikko's work is to let the DISTRO_FEATURES guide the way how
> various gstreamer components are built. At this moment it's the other
> way around (gstreamer components require various distribution features
> in order to build, pulling in too many dependencies).

Saul, this is a new observation Ismo made yesterday. My findings are also
about opengl but they are different. I think I'll just submit patches for

-- Mikko
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