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> Subject: [meta-xilinx] noob confusion
> Some history:
> I had been working with Petalinux 15.4 for over a year. Successfully built 
> and used
> many linux images for our ZC706 board we are using in a custom hardware 
> project. I
> recently wanted to add USB OTG capability but was unable to get it working
> successfully. So I upgraded to Petalinux 17.2. Needless to say, this was 
> quite a
> difference and had much difficulty moving all of my apps/libraries/modules. 
> At some
> point I started getting strange errors which I posted to Xilinx linux 
> embedded forum.
> Spent 2 weeks on it but could not get beyond those issues. So on a whim I 
> decided to
> try yocto + meta-xilinx on my same system. This worked perfectly so I would 
> like to
> proceed with this to get back to what my Petalinux 15.4 +17.2 had.
> My questions now are.
> 1)      How do I modify or add to meta-xilinx to get closer to the build that 
> is
> produced by Petalinux 17.2 (without the errors I experienced of course :). I 
> look thru
> Petalinux 17.2 and it has config files that set many variables like
> ERATOR=y" for instance. How are these translated to yocto recipes that I 
> might use
> in meta-xilinx build?
meta-xilinx-tools layer will invoke DTG and build the dtb for you. You don't 
need to use any translation as such.
Please see my other email regarding using the manifest and getting started.

See some info regarding meta-xilinx-tools here:

> 2)      What is meta-petalinux and should I install that and do a build? Do I 
> set the
> machine to "" like I did with meta-xilinx build?
Machine can never be an empty string, you need to define the board/qemu 
platform you are targeting.

> 3)      Examples to add custom applications, custom shared libraries, custom 
> modules
> to the build. Or is this just standard yocto stuff?
You need to write recipes to do any custom applications/libraries etc. See 
documentation on devtools which might help also other recipes regarding shared 

> 4)       If I need to import a new HDF definition into my meta-xilinx build, 
> how do I do
> that? I currently do "petalinux-config --get-hw-description -p" in Petalinux 
> 15.4.
You provide the path to your HDF in local.conf.
See this link for information:


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