On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, David Bovill wrote:

> I've done some testing on a simple stack and if you put the following lines
> of code in a group on a card:
>  1) "btn x of me" will uniquely refer to the object.
>  2) "btn x of the owner of me" will not.

That's because "me" is a function, which works directly from the
object architecture and "the owner of me" is a property expression
which must necessarily be evaluated, during which any information
about the object architecture is lost.

> In other words 1) works however things are named/ how objects outside the
> group are named.
> "btn x of the owner of me" however equates to "btn x of group someName", and
> if there are two groups called someName then it picks the first one,
> regardless if this group is the real owner! This is the problem.

It's actually a "feature": this is the way HyperCard does it, and so
is the way we implemented it.  Of course, you can't have multiple
groups/backgrounds on a card in HyperCard, so the ambiguity problem
doesn't come up.

> It makes the syntax "owner of me" unusable if you want to create and
> independent group you can cut and paste on a card.

Agreed.  Any objection to changing behavior of "the owner" property so
that it returns the long id of the object instead of the name?  Seems
to me that this will eliminate the ambiguity problem with minimal
backward compatibility problems...

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