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> I'm trying to set up some "load URL" tests on a Windows box using a
> dialup connection (to get some sense of timing, etc).  Currently the
> computer is set up with Internet access via an Ethernet network.  Anyone
> know what settings I should change so the machines knows to use the modem
> instead of the Ethernet connection?
> I've tried changing various bindings and adapters, removing TCP/IP
> settings and the thing still wants to connect to the Internet over the
> LAN.  I know I'm missing something but I can't find it in any of the 13
> places you have to change settings on a Windows box...

In the Internet Control panel, select "Connections".  Below the connection
settings are three boxes: Never dial a connection, Dial whenever a network
connection is not present and Always dial my default connection.  Selecting
the latter should do the trick!



> Thanks,
> Scott

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