> I've just downloaded the MetaCard starter kit, and had a bit of a look at
> the demo, and quite frankly it impressed the hell out of me.  What I'd like
> now is a few ideas on how I might put this thing to good use.  If anyone has
> any great ideas or tips on how make the most of MetaCard, please respond (on
> or off list as you prefer).

As the others have pointed out, the xworlds.com collection is a great
starting point.  All the best MetaCarders out there have adde to it,
including Andu, Tuviah, of course the Crossworlds gang, and many others.

But like Phil Davis suggested, perhaps the most important thing is to just
play with it.  Go wild -- I've found little I can't do with MetaCard.  I
suspect you'll find the same as well.  And as with any tool, there will be
times when you want to kick it in the shins -- but if your experience is
like most folks', you'll discover that more often than not it's more a
question of understanding the tool than any inherent limitation in the tool

The best thing is that you've already discovered the most valuable MetaCard
resource:  this list.

Happy scripting!

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