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<<I've just downloaded the MetaCard starter kit, and had a bit of a look at
the demo, and quite frankly it impressed the hell out of me.  What I'd like
now is a few ideas on how I might put this thing to good use.  If anyone has
any great ideas or tips on how make the most of MetaCard, please respond (on
or off list as you prefer).>>

This is an easy question, that doesn't need great scripting skills, so i'm 
gonna jump in so no one can accuse me of never contributing to the list.  

The limitations, such as they are,  are likely to be mostly in you, not 
Metacard.  I am very much a part time scripter, who was taught Algol 26 years 
ago at school.  Since then i have just tinkered about, never working in IT, 
but never able to leave it alone.  I discovered MC with absolute 
delight.....I hack it about like a third rate Hypercard scripter (which is 
what I am)..  Its fast fun forgiving and flexible....and baffles other RAD 
users...I don't mean in terms of scripting, i mean in terms of producing 
something so professional looking so quickly.  .  So, if your starting point 
is like mine, just do the same, and have fun.

However, a huge chunk of the MC consituency come from neighbouring worlds 
where things are different.  They do really clever stuff and write on the 
list about the Windows Registry, sockets and cmds.  I guess some even make a 
living out of it.  I read this stuff in the vague hope that by some kind of 
osmosis, it will pass into my mind and start to make sense.  (Other threads 
are just a delight, despite being alien to your own interests.  My all time 
favourite was the discussion about displaying Japanese in fields.)

The fact that you were impressed means that you had the vision to perceive at 
least part of the potential of the tool.  I guarantee that it is even better 
than you now think......but you'll have to discover those little treasures 
for yourself.....they are different for different folks.  (although the 
greatest AHA! for many, including myself is when you work out how groups in 
MC are so much more powerful than backgrounds in Hypercard)

I wasted a lot of time to start with trying to convert the many Hypercard 
stacks i had accumulated over the years.  In many ways the 
Hypercard/Supercard legacy is a hindrance as much as a help.  True you get a 
boost with the metaphor and a fair bit of scripting, and old books on 
scripting can still come in handy, but there are lots of old habits and 
perceptions that get in the way too.......not least in the prejudice that 
exists out there against anything that is even a distant relative of 

My advice would be to think of a project and have a go at making it 
work.....even if you already have something that does the job in Visual basic 
or Hypercard..  Chances are you can do it easier and better in MC....and just 
think of the buzz when it works cross platform!  (Probably more fun for Mac 
users, I guess.)

Happy scripting.

David Glasgow

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