I make a lot of projects for children, and it is important that they pretty much fill the screen, lest distractions occur. I was dismayed when we got new larger high resolution monitors (mac) and discovered the projects shrank to a tiny size at the new, higher resolution. If you turn the resolution of the monitors down, the stacks grow back to their original size, but the rest of the computer looks funky, requiring a return to higher res after you finish the game. We hope to soon branch out to a larger client circle, and if so, the resolution of the client monitors will be an unknown. Ideally, I would like to be able to dynamically resize the projects. Has someone already written a script/external which will do the calculations so that objects and cards will grow proportionally with windows, in a general way? If not, I could work for an "average" monitor resolution...what would that be these days...or preferably in about a year in the future? What is the resolution of the newer imacs? And what about the windows world? Any ideas/ help will be greatly appreciated. mark mitchell Archives: http://www.mail-archive.com/metacard%40lists.best.com/ Info: http://www.xworlds.com/metacard/mailinglist.htm Please send bug reports to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, not this list.

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