Thanks to all who contributed to this thread. Using without
self-configured SMTP preferences is, I fear, going to cause the potential
users too much confusion. I therefore revert to Plan B and, as suggested,
use a <mailto:> as the next best alternative.

Plan is to:
[1] store a generic myEmailWindow.htm as a userProperty
[2] replace eMailVar on the fly in <A HREF" mailto:eMailVar">eMailVar</A>
[3] put it into url(file:"&tPath)
[4] use EXT.dll to launch file tPath
[5] on quit, delete file tPath

For elegance, the eMailWindow opens at a fixed size without distractions:

<A HREF="" onClick='
return false'> Click here to send an eMail</A>

So a simple question...

How do we include window display parameters in the myEmailWindow.htm and
thus avoid requiring a host window to launch it from? Is it possible?


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