At 6:50 PM +0100 9/24/00, Hugh Senior wrote:

>>set the hideConsoleWindows to true
>>if "NT" is in the systemVersion then set the shellCommand to "cmd.exe"
>>put "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" into tAddress
>>put quote & "my Subject" & quote into tSubject
>>put quote & "Hello." & quote into tBody
>>put "start mailto:" & tAddress & "?subject=" & tSubject & "?body=" &
>>tBody into tCom
>>get shell(tCom)
>This worked first time as is. Okay, so Eudora doesn't handle the "?body"
>param, but who the hell cares! Yeesh... /H is hoppin' an' jumpin' at this
>The ONLY line of concern is "if NT is in the systemVersion". Is the
>shellCommand still "cmd.exe" for Win95, Win98 and Win2000?

It looks like you can avoid this issue altogether if you follow 
Sjoerd's suggestion. (Thanks, Sjoerd. Nice one.)

However, if you do go with the shell function, setting the 
shellCommand to "cmd.exe" is recommended for NT in the MC reference. 
I've never got any shell command to work on NT without setting it, so 
I'd suggest you do it. Don't set it for Win 95/98; the default is set 
to work for those. But I don't know for Win 2000. Luckily, no one I'm 
developing for (mainly corporates) has any plans to install Win 2000 
until next year. Does anyone know?

On the same topic, can anyone using Win 2000 tell us what is returned 
by the the systemVersion function?

Dave Cragg

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