Yo - Dave, my main man!

>...you can get the user's e-mail program opened and set up more directly
>using the shell command on Windows.
>The basic shell command is "start mailto:". You would set it up 
>something like this:
>set the hideConsoleWindows to true
>if "NT" is in the systemVersion then set the shellCommand to "cmd.exe"
>put "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" into tAddress
>put quote & "my Subject" & quote into tSubject
>put quote & "Hello." & quote into tBody
>put "start mailto:" & tAddress & "?subject=" & tSubject & "?body=" & 
>tBody into tCom
>get shell(tCom)

This worked first time as is. Okay, so Eudora doesn't handle the "?body"
param, but who the hell cares! Yeesh... /H is hoppin' an' jumpin' at this

The ONLY line of concern is "if NT is in the systemVersion". Is the
shellCommand still "cmd.exe" for Win95, Win98 and Win2000?


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