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I wonder why 4.5-dp-4 is NOT recognised ????

Is this on Linux, where I didn't test? If so, thanks for trying it. Could you tell me the full path to the application please?

Setup uses a very simplistic test to see if you've chosen a valid app. It won't always work and it is pretty braindead. Basically it just checks to see if "LiveCode" is in the path. This isn't a great way to do it, but I couldn't think of a better one that would cover all operating systems. On OS X I could read the plist file, and on Windows there might be a way to check the registry (ugh), but on Linux I'm stumped. So the test is more of a nudge than a definitive statement of validity.

I could allow the user to choose any app at all, but of course the results could be inoperable. If you give me the name of the app on Linux I'll alter the test to include that. I've got a fix for the bug Ken found that I'll implement, so I'll be reuploading a corrected version anyway.

If anyone knows how to check the version on Windows and Linux, I'll do that instead.

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