On 6/30/11 8:33 AM, Ken Ray wrote:
Hey all,

I just gave a presentation last weekend at the LiveCode Live event on the MC
IDE and one of the things I brought up was the fact that a great benefit to
the MC IDE vs the LiveCode IDE is that it really tries to "get out of the
way of the developer."

And although it currently does a pretty good job of that, there are a few
places that IMHO still need to be changed. The two that immediately come to
mind are the Preferences and Properties stacks, both of which prevent you as
a developer from being able to name *your* stacks "Preferences" or
"Properties", and there are probably other stack name conflicts as well.

For the next build of the IDE, I'd like to change the IDE stack names to
have an "mc" prefix (like "mcPreferences"), but since this affects anything
that runs as a plugin, etc., I wanted to bring it up for discussion first.

What are your thoughts on this? Good idea? Bad idea? ...?

I think it's a good idea and will definitely solve the problem. I also don't mind the "mc" prefix, since mchome, mctools, and mchelp already use it in stackfile names and the consistency would be a plus, I'd think. We're all pretty much used to it by now.

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