Hello anyone who is out there, my name is Brian and I am a music teacher
from Illinois. In about 1993 I began a project with Hypercard to help young
students read music notation. It worked pretty well, but eventually I moved
on to teach high school and then college, and I didn't have much need for
the stack. I did port the project to MetaCard before I stopped working on
it...gosh that must have been 10 years ago I bet.

Anyway, I started thinking about bringing the stack up to date and started
researching the whereabouts of MC, and I found this group. I see that IDE
4.1 is available (I have downloaded it), but I'm not quite sure how to
proceed as far as getting this together with LiveCode 5.0. Is MC compatible
with 5.0, and if so can I just follow the pdf installation instructions
that exist for version LIveCode 4.5?

Many thanks for any advice.

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