On Nov 23, 2011, at 9:23 PM, Brian Wis wrote:

> Well it generally seems OK, with one issue thus far: The ask dialog does not 
> work correctly. Essentially it comes up blank, and it does not utilize the 
> user input as it should either. Have I missed something in the installation 
> process?

My suggestion would be start over, and use Jacque's "MetaCard Setup" plugin for 
LiveCode to create your MC installation. You can find it in the "Files" area of 
the Yahoo group - make sure you download "metacard_setup201.rev.zip".  After 
you install her plugin, you can launch LiveCode and select "Metacard Setup" 
from the Plugins menu in the LC IDE. A few button clicks and you'll have a 
fully working verson of MetaCard with the latest IDE.

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