On 11/7/12 6:06 PM, Huisingh, Larry R wrote:
I have just moved to a Windows 7 PC from Windows XP.  This is the
first time I have tried to modify my stack on the Windows 7 platform.
When I try to show a stack with the "show wd xx" (where xx is a stack
name) command in the Message Box I get the error "Commands: expected
"," ".

It's hard to remember that far back, but some of the older engines used to give that error when nothing else matched. The error you're getting just happens to be the first one in the error list. It's probably spurious, something else is wrong.

You could try "show stack" instead of "show window" if the stack is already open but hidden. If you're trying to show a stack that is still on disk, Win 7 has much stricter permissions and not all folders are user-accessible any more. Try moving the stack to the Documents folder where you have full access.

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