Hi, All,

    I should have been more specific, but I tended to
find results by country from their national geological
surveys. The largest Moldavite is the 258.5 g one, found
-- no surprise! -- in Moldavia, says the Check Geological

    The largest Australite is 437 g, and the 79 g. Ivorite is
the largest Ivorite from anywhere. The 464 g tektite from
Malaysia is the largest non-layered one from that country,
but I know) it's NOT the largest non-layered Indochinite.
I found mention of a 250 g Vietnamese non-layered
tektite but they did not claim it was the largest.

    I could not find the weight record for each and every
type of Phillipinite, just the figure of 1069 g (some sources
give the weight as 1070 g) for Phillipinites. I don't know
the current record holder for Muong Nong tektites. Many
kilos (12.8 kg?).

    I could not find a statement of the largest Bediasite or
Georgiaite of all time. Scientific sources avoid size rank
data except to give a size range of each type. Demonstrating
that I am a lousy collector, I have a deep-groove Rizalite that's
the size of a tennis ball, maybe 100-120 g, but I don't know the
the exact weight. I never weighed it; whatever it is, Norm's got
a heavier one (with deeper grooves and fancier ornamentation,
and so forth).

    Indochinite splats get big. I've seen splatties that  weighed a
pound and a half. I would think "statistics" on Indochinites hard
to establish as they are marketed in huge lots (up to a ton at a time)
from so many countries by so many vendors who're mining those
tens of millions of them, with many more tens of millions still
underground (and no crater in sight).

    In most strewnfield locations (except possibly Indochina)
the biggest, more spectacular specimens tend to be snapped up
(and traded up) FIRST, just like the biggest gold nuggets and
the biggest diamonds, when the field is identified as such, like
this 71 kilo gold nugget from 1869:

Sterling K. Webb
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Very interesting, Sterling.

And what is the largest Moldavite known?
I just acquired a big one, a nice tear-drop shape, 6.5 cm long, 39 grams
Am I in the running?

Anne M. Black
President,  I.M.C.A. Inc.

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