Hi everyone - It's been a few days of me trying to debug this problem, to 
no avail. The behaviour that I'm experiencing is very peculiar, and  I'd 
really appreciate tips on where to look to debug it. Here's the problem 
description, narrowed down as much as can narrow it: 

   - I have two models, one inherits from Displayable, the other from 
   Django's own models.Model. Querying the one that inherits from Displayable 
   always returns an empty queryset in the three models that I have in my 
   - I've created a new model that has the exact same code as one of the 
   problematic models, just with a different name, and it is behaving just as 
   expected of a well-behaved model
   - This problem is only appearing when I use a Postgres database. When I 
   use a sqlite, the behaviour does not happen

All of this is leading me to the conclusion that something is wrong with 
the tables for the three models that use Displayable, or that there's 
something wrong in the way that Displayable's manager access them. 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 


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