Thanks Shreyaank for getting onto the call for helping me out -

Following were there discussion points - 

1) I am following
 guide to do installation on mac. The installation guide for mac seems to be 
quite old.

2) I am more interested in setting up developer setup than end user one so 
Shreyaank guided me to use the 
<> guidelines to do the same.

3) Is there anyone who has tried the latest setup on mac OS Sierra? I have 
reached to a point where I see there are no errors but I am not able to login 
to the application - it keeps on prompting me for user id and password again 
and again where as I am providing the one as mifos / password as suggested in 
the documentation. What I could verify from database is - I see mifos user is 
present in m_app_user table but I am not able to decipher its password since 
its encrypted.

> On 13-Oct-2016, at 4:58 PM, Shreyaank Byadagi 
> <> wrote:

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