I just ask for a confirmation.
I have Miktex 2.9 installed as administrator on my PC running win10.
My University will no longer allow me to have admin rights on my PC but just 
rights as "poweruser" ( I am the ONLY user of my PC, in reality). It is just a 
change of policy, don't ask me about that....

Thus, my MikTeX is still working but I cannot upgrade packages etc. (unless I 
ask the admin to do that for me, of course....), or so it seems to me, when I 

My idea would be to ask for MikTeX to be unistalled and then reinstalled only 
for my username.
Under such conditions, could I be 100% sure that I would be ableĀ  to regularly 
upgrade my MikTeX installation, edit the config file for map of new fonts, with 
lines such as...

initexmf --edit-config-file updmap

without asking the technician who has admin rights to do that for me?

I think so, but I want to be 100% sure....

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