Hi Vladimir,
Thanks. That is a helpful clue. I do see this file in MikTex, and an entire 
texinfo directory, so it makes me think it is possible to process texinfo 
files. Could the commands referred to in the previous messages have been 
removed in version 2.9? If so, are there alternative commands for processing 
texingo files?

Regards,    - Steve

    On Friday, December 15, 2017 5:43 AM, Vladimir Yumashev <yumas...@mail.ru> 

 Hi, Steve,

The first line of a texi document should be
 \input texinfo
The document should be processed by plain TeX, and NOT by LaTeX.
Find texinfo.tex in the Internet and place it aside your document.
I failed to send you my file as an attachment because the target
mail server considers it blacklisted.


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