An apology in advance for this question. The case is this: I just did a
clean installation of Linux Mint 19 a few weeks ago, where I installed
MikTeX to test it, however my experience has not been entirely satisfactory
because I have been struggling with some missing packages and some warnings
regarding some 32-bit packages.

I just noticed that TeXlive 2019 is available since the end of last month
and I want to install it in the hope that my problems will be solved.

I have already read the FAQ and other instructions on the MikTeX site so it
is clear to me that I cannot share certain directories between MikTeX and
TeXlive in case I would like to try to have them coexisting on this system.

However, nowhere have I found how to uninstall MikTeX from a gnu/linux
distro. I don't know if it's trivial, I just want to avoid having problems
with the future installation of TeXlive.


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