Well, I stopped using MikTeX some years ago, with windows 8 because I used
biber and the binary was not included then in the 64-bit MikTeX.

However in the course of time I have had to collaborate with Windows users
that use MikTeX and anyway we have had problems. A couple of weeks ago I
attempted to install the latest version of MikTeX, it seems there is no
distinction between 32 and 64 bits. However the document we are working on
couldn't be built because it includes some packages that are outside the
basic installation by default and there seems to be an error with the
MikTeX servers that prevented connecting and updating.

I found in TeX SE the same error in May and as I haven't seen any solution
beyond waiting, I chose to uninstall MikTeX and try TeXlive in Windows,
however even when I uninstalled MikTeX I realized that in Program Files are
kept intact the folders of the installation. I don't know if I should
manually delete the MikTex folder there, by the moment I have chosen to
keep it, however I think that if you uninstall MikTeX is because you don't
want to keep installed the TeX infrastructure there, in any case the
uninstaller should have options to decide.

Finally in another recent case I have a person who requires to use JabReF
and a plugin called bibtex4Word which in turn requires an installation of
MikTeX. But I didn't want to proceed because I don't know if the problem
with the server has been solved or if it's better to wait.

It would be very useful to be able to understand what is happening with
MikteX and how it works now in order to avoid these problems, regards.

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