On Mon, 2 Dec 2019 20:11:57 -0600, Aradenatorix Veckhôm Avecælus stated:
>Well, I stopped using MikTeX some years ago, with windows 8 because I
>used biber and the binary was not included then in the 64-bit MikTeX.
>However in the course of time I have had to collaborate with Windows
>users that use MikTeX and anyway we have had problems. A couple of
>weeks ago I attempted to install the latest version of MikTeX, it
>seems there is no distinction between 32 and 64 bits. However the
>document we are working on couldn't be built because it includes some
>packages that are outside the basic installation by default and there
>seems to be an error with the MikTeX servers that prevented connecting
>and updating.
>I found in TeX SE the same error in May and as I haven't seen any
>solution beyond waiting, I chose to uninstall MikTeX and try TeXlive
>in Windows, however even when I uninstalled MikTeX I realized that in
>Program Files are kept intact the folders of the installation. I don't
>know if I should manually delete the MikTex folder there, by the
>moment I have chosen to keep it, however I think that if you uninstall
>MikTeX is because you don't want to keep installed the TeX
>infrastructure there, in any case the uninstaller should have options
>to decide.
>Finally in another recent case I have a person who requires to use
>JabReF and a plugin called bibtex4Word which in turn requires an
>installation of MikTeX. But I didn't want to proceed because I don't
>know if the problem with the server has been solved or if it's better
>to wait.
>It would be very useful to be able to understand what is happening with
>MikteX and how it works now in order to avoid these problems, regards.

I have experienced problems in the past too. I assume you have
installed MikTex for all users. In any case, you will need to log in as
an administrator and then delete the MikTex folder. If you have a
program like McAfee installed, run the registry cleaner too remove any
entires that reference MikTex. Now, reboot your system and install

Now, depending on your system, I would go to the
<https://miktex.org/download> page and click on "All Downloads". Then
choose either the "Net Installer" 32 bit or 64 bit file. I prefer it
over the "Basic Installer" package; however, YMMV. The "net" package
gets the latest program versions.

Good Luck!


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