I've been using MikTeX on my Mint-based Linux machines for several months now, and really enjoy the fact that (i) it works, and (ii) well-enough that I don't have to fuss with TeXlive and the silly way it handles package management, ever again. ;-)

However, while fooling and tweaking with various things, I managed to 'break' the MikTeX install on one of my Linux machines, so much so that I couldn't even uninstall it. So, in case anyone else runs into this problem, here is how do do a full, complete uninstall of MikTeX on Ubuntu-derivatives like Mint. [Worked for me - your results might vary.]

sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/miktex.* /tmp/

sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq miktex

You *might* also need to do a final cleanup running the following:

sudo apt-get purge miktex

These steps work for me.


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