Thanks Richard.

> Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 2:44 PM
> From: "Richard Laager" <>
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> Subject: Re: [Mimedefang] conditionally add boilerplate in message with more 
> than one recipient
> On 09/21/2016 07:16 AM, Vieri Di Paola wrote:
>> Suppose I have an email that's being sent To:, 
>> @Recipients will hold both addresses.
>> I'd like mimedefang to add a boilerplate only for the message being sent to 
>> Is that possible?
>> If so, how?
> You can stream_by_recipient() so MIMEDefang resends the message for each
> recipient. In this way, your filter code can handle recipients
> differently. Note the warnings in the mimedefang-filter man page, though.

The man page isn't too extensive on this. At a first glance it seems that 
calling stream_by_recipient in filter_begin does not trigger the code in 
filter_end, for instance. So if  stream_by_recipient is true then only filter() 
is run?

> Alternatively, you can do all the work yourself, and only selectively
> resend when necessary. This is what I do (not for boilerplate insertion,
> but other things).

How do you do that?
Do you use resend_message()? (but that resends immediately the ORIGINAL message)


NOTE: If there is a disclaimer or other legal boilerplate in the above
message, it is NULL AND VOID.  You may ignore it.

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