On 4/25/2014 22:54, Ruben Van Boxem wrote:
>> Add --enable-fully-dynamic-string and
> Shouldn't this already be enabled by default (you worked on a patch for
> that which IIANM I tested back then)?

I can't remember if I did :)

>> --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs and everything is good.
> This isn't strictly necessary and in my experience is quite troublesome
> ("can't find -lgcc_eh" as a result)

This is a long standing bug, it happens with Linux versions also, but
after moving things into place, you end up with a far tidier install.
This workaround can be scripted for post-install.

You can drop your libdir with custom headers/libraries into a new
version of GCC and it'll work without another version of GCC clashing in.

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