On 08/06/2017 02:59 PM, David Grayson wrote:
> I would agree with Martin; I think it's a very good practice for
> source files to have an error or not define a function instead of
> defining a function that can't possibly work and letting the build
> proceed with a broken function.  Compiler and linker errors are much
> easier to figure out than segmentation faults.
> If you try to do it with autoconf, it's easy for the autoconf layer to
> get out of sync with the rest of the source code, or for someone to
> decide they want to use their own build system instead of the autoconf
> layer.  And it won't help very much when porting to a new architecture
> like Martin said.
> --David

The source file could be better split so you don't need to read all of
it, and you don't need any preprocessor directives sprinkled about, eg
math/asm/arm, math/common, math/asm/x86.

As for autoconf, it's here to stay.

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