> My personal view is that we should drop this discussion.
> We have been mindful of reducing ABI breaks for years but that gets trumped
> by the need to implement missing features etc.
> Mir code landings have been extremely active recently, with thousands of
> lines changing every day or so. And to me that's the opposite of what would
> be happening near a maturation milestone.

I agree with you that we have a pretty high code churn. I also agree
that it is, to a certain degree, an indication of immaturity. I
believe, though, if we don't talk about this and don't have a target
to aim for, we'll never get there.

Also, as we upstream Mir support in various projects/toolkits/etc,
we'll be committing to a set of published interfaces, which should in
turn keep us honest and help us maintain those interfaces, instead of
us being too quick to break them because breaking them doesn't really
have much of an impact on things. At least, that's my hope.


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