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For I, differences are simple :
OpenBSD : all products included are stable & working fully from the install
sets & packages.
OpenBSD : just install necessary things.
Ubuntu : All products are allowd to the dist, even unstable
Ubuntu : installs many many things as a workstation use even on server version
of ubuntu

Ubuntu is a good choice too, but it has a "workstation-like" setup, +server
functions, so it can use many ram and many cpu.

OpenBSD : just need an bi-annual upgrade, version to version, & gets light
charge on server itself.

I prefer having OpenBSD to all servers but application server.
I prefer having Linux to applications server to use

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> From: Juan Miscaro <jmisc...@gmail.com>
> Sent: Thu Jul 07 15:02:08 CEST 2011
> To: openbsd-misc <misc@openbsd.org>
> Subject: How does OpenBSD compare to Ubuntu Server?
> Was wondering what advantages OpenBSD has over a progressive Linux
> distribution such as Ubuntu (Server edition).  One thing I noticed is
> that they're having a hell of a time transitioning away from the
> traditional sysvinit-based system to the Upstart event-based init
> daemon system.
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