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WARNING: Encrypted vnd is insecure.
Migrate your data to softraid before 5.7.

Will 5.6 softraid support block sizes other than 512 byte?


There are no plans for it right now.

They way I read the original message (and please correct me if this is wrong!), 
is that something will happen in 5.7 that will disable encrypted vnd.

Which means that people with recent internal/external HDs, that use 4k blocks, 
will have a problem.

(Some disks allow you to use jumper settings for 512b, but not all external 

Wow, don't know where you got that from.  Sometimes it is just a simple

Could you please provide a little bit more information? What causes encrypted vnd to be insecure and what will happen to vnd(4) before 5.7 if it isn't removal of crypto?

Also, are there any options remaining to encrypt non-512-byte/sector devices, data on NFS filesystems ("NAS" boxes) and removable/backup media other than hard drives (or that pretend to be hard drives)?

Thank you.


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