On Mon, 18 Aug 2014, Jason Tubnor wrote:

On 2 June 2014 10:23, Ted Unangst <t...@tedunangst.com> wrote:

Part of the deprecation / migration process is identifying the weird
ways people use vnd and finding solutions for them. But as we've seen,
people never move forward without the occasional push.

So the most appropriate way to use vnd(4) as an encrypted container
going forward would be to lay down softraid(4) CRYPTO inside it to
achieve a like-for-like outcome or would this be over-complicating
things?  I have had success in testing this use case but I am aware it
may not be supported.

To revive this old thread again (I missed the recent post):

I tesed the same or similar (softraid(4) crypto volume on top of unencrypted vnd(4) device in my case) in July this year and I saw some kind of write amplification effect by a factor of two. The resulting effective writing speed was quite low. The sector size of the underlying hard drive was 4K bytes.


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