Martin Haufschild wrote on 08/26/15 12:11:
can someone recommend me an Industrial PC (IPC) to use with OpenBSD? I would like to have a lot of hardware supported from this IPC by OpenBSD.

I've had great luck with Lanner (

I've been running a LEC-2280 and FW-7541 for almost 2 years now for my business. They run the local network and public ecommerce website. The LEC is the main server with an Intel Core i7-3555LE @ 2.5GHz. The FW is the firewall/gateway running other light services, like DNS and NTP, with an Atom D525 1.8GHz.

I set them on top of a cabinet in a closet and just forget about them; nobody knows they exist. I haven't physically touched them since I installed them almost 2 years ago. The ambient temperature ranges from about 70-90F. These two boxes always stay cool regardless of the temp; plus these machines are fanless so they don't suck dust.

I interconnected them with serial cables to assist with out-of-band maintenance. For instance, I SSH into one machine, then connect via serial to the other for console access. That's been working out really well through 3 or 4 upgrade cycles now.

With the maximum RAM and best CPUs at the time, the LEC-2280 and FW-7541 were about $1200 USD and $400 USD, respectively. I would highly recommend them. Plus, their customer support was very helpful. Their tech support even tests and runs OpenBSD, which is what sealed the deal for me.

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