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Am Donnerstag, den 27.08.2015, 09:42 +0200 schrieb Martin Haufschild:
Can you recommend
specific models (maybe you had good experience with)? Compact models
would be preferred.


This one works quite well for me. I did not try any graphics though, and
getting the serial console work on at least one of the six ports
involved quite some guesswork in the BIOS and trial-and-error

The 4-Port GE and the two port SFP NIC that can be seen in the dmesg
(em2-7) are not part of the factory configuration.

Deltatronic Siletium Professional 1HE:

It's a nice small form-factor fan-less server (only 30cm deep). Graphics
are working (although you may see some errors in dmesg) as soon as
you're able to convince it that it better should not use the (non
existant) LVDS as primary display.

A big drawback is the thermal design: While the devices may work well in
air-conditioned offices and server-rooms and moderate climate, you
surely should not give them too much work on a hot summers day.

Shuttle DS437

Highlights are that it is reasonably priced, comes with two re(4) NICs
and two serial ports. Some people seem to have problems booting it
without display attached ... strangely though, for me it works.

Disclaimer: I have not tested it very throughoutly. I do not know how it
behaves under load, don't know nothing about wifi and graphics. For a
dmesg please consult the mailing list archives.

@David Dahlberg: Thank you very much for the hints. Sounds as if the Nexcom 3600E2 should work for us (we wouldn't like to have rackmount). I will write it on our short list.
We don't need serial ports. Only the Ethernet ports.

We are also in contact now with two german manufacturers if their devices would support OpenBSD. They will check this the next days. Maybe there will be a few problems.
But an advantage would be local support then here in germany.
I will also check the other manufacturers like Shuttle, Portwell, Lanner, PC engines, Habbey which were recommended to me. Thank you so much for the many answers.

Best regards

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