> > > I would like the effect to be nearly instant, but if it's not instant
> > > that's okay. And I'd like to avoid monitoring a dependent variable like
> > > hw.sensors.acpibat0.power0 and then checking the A/C status every time a
> > > change is detected.  
> > 
> > sensors do not update instantly.  They are serviced in a loop by
> > a thread.  but it happens soon enough.  use 'systat sens 1' to watch.
> > 
> Hi misc@,
> Please advise, is the frequency of sensor updates the same for upd(4)
> and is it possible it becomes the same as other sensors too?  Thanks.

They are polled serially.  If one driver is slow, the entire loop slows

Collection is not interrupt driven.

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