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> I am getting "Broken Pipe" and or "Scheduler not responding" when
> attempting to print from a laser desk printer directly attached to usb.
> OpenBSD 6.0 recognizes the printer in dmesg and when plugged into the
> usb port.
> I have been running OpenBSD for several years but never tried to attach
> a printer.
> I also have downloaded a cups ppd driver for the printer and placed it
> in the cups ppd directory.

PPD is not a driver! It is a PostScript Printer Description file created
by vendors to describe the entire set of features and capabilities
available for their PostScript printers. The real problem is that your
printer is not a PostScript printer which you could have found out by
reading page 3 of the product brochure

which means that you really need a driver. Going back to the page three
of above brochure we see that you printer emulates HL-2:40 GD which is
proprietary language but also PCL 6 (Printer Command Language is in
generally open sourced). However based on the fact that Brother
recommends its own driver for Linux which contains binary blob I would
be tempted to declare the printer paperweight with a caveat. If you
printer is network capable you might be able to send the raw data to
port 9100. Please see again page 3 of the brochure. Your


# Remote printer must use jetdirect since foomatic-rip doesn't speak LPD

where is an ugly work around foomatic filter which no
longer supports LPD spooling and it looks like 


/usr/local/bin/a2ps -BRq --columns=1 -o - | \
        /usr/local/bin/foomatic-rip -P HL-5250DN --ppd

The printer you are attempting  to use cost about $20 here in U.S. The
one I use HL-5200 or its newer versions could be found for under $100
and it is a PostScript printer of superb quality in its price range
(also exceptionally low price per page). You might want to think about
it a bit before waisting your time with the printer you have.

> If someone can just point me where to research these errors I should be
> able to determine the cause and maybe get the brother HL2140 directly
> attached usb  printer working.

I would expect from a  seasoned OpenBSD user to know to look for errors 
in the log files. Hint


I am guessing you are going to see nothing as your printer is just

> I see no error messages in dmesg which relate to printing.

I would not expect to see any unless printer interface is so messed up
that generic usb driver can't attach to the device. 


> Thanks in advance.

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