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Alessandro Baggi <> wrote:

Hi list,
I've installed some years ago OpenBSD 5.8 on apu with 3 nics.
I've tried to search but no look. What is the EOL for OpenBSD 5.8?

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK Once 6.0 is out, 5.8 becomes unsupported (EOS). But it by no means
its life ends (EOL). I have just upgraded 2 boxes that were at 5.5,
but were quite alive and kicking :)

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Marko Cupać

Then, when 6.1 will be released,
Somewhere between March and May of next year. Depends on when the code is in a releasable state.

5.9 will become unsupported.
Yep, it won't be getting patches anymore.

How do you provide to security patch for 5.5?
We don't. Supporting a release that old would require quite a lot more volunteers to back-port and test every patch that would apply and we'd rather not waste resources on supporting the old stuff and use our time to move the project forward. Upgrading is painless and major changes are very rare, so I can't think of any compelling reasons to stay on an old version (well, unless it is the last version your platform supports)

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