Robert Jacobs wrote:
> Hello all,
> I got a Tyan S2885 motherboard and am trying to get Xorg to work with 3 PCI
> Radeon video cards. I have always had X work with this many or more video
> cards so I'm thinking that there might be something specific to this setup
> that is screwed up. First tried current then 3.8 Release. It works perfectly
> with 2 video cards but with any combination (2 pci - 1 agp, 3 pci, etc) of 3
> video cards, X -configure crashes or gives the following error:

you provide some good information about your configuration, but it
sounds like you stuffed three video cards in place and are trying to get
that to work.  Either you know something I don't know (not out of the
question...what I thought I knew about X is being tested by the
upgrade-induced demize of fluffy, my three-headed machine), or you are
going about this all wrong...

Try this strategy...
Remove all but one video card.
Get X working on that one card, using an xorg.conf file.
Insert a second card, keep X working on the one card (this seems to be
an important step...and not quite as trivial as it sounds).
Get X working on the two cards.
Insert third card, keep X working on the two previous cards.
Get X working on third card.
Let brain recover from the serious frying you just gave it.

As indicated, I'm doing this battle myself at the moment -- my primary
machine used an X configuration no longer supported in OpenBSD (Matrox
G400 dual-head card, which required a Matrox-provided binary HAL file,
which no longer works in -current...I'm amazed I got away with using a
Linux XFree86 file as long as I did!), plus the machine failed while
working on it (again, not a surprise, it has had "issues" since I got it
from a friend's scrap pile), so it is getting a well-deserved upgrade.
But so far, I'm stuck at two monitors.  (and where did I leave that pile
of good Matrox PCI cards?? :)


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