We are running Open BSD 3.8 as a firewall router. The router has two internal networks to handle; a DMZ with "real" ip adresses and a NAT network to which our workstations are connected. The problem I have is that its not possible to connect to the server on the DMZ (ip, netmask from the outside (but from the inside). I guess that I somehow has to make the external interface listen to the same adress as the server (they are on the same net), but if I add an alias to the external interface it doesn't (of course) route packages to the DMZ. How do I make OpenBSD route packages to the server
(and the DMZ subnet)?

Our ISP has given us a net that has the following data:

Net segment: /28 net address:
gw address:
free ip ip:
broadcast address:

the server has the following interfaces configured:
### interfaces ####
#external interface
inet NONE

#internal interface
inet NONE

# dmz
inet NONE

Thanks in advance


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