It would be worthwhile that someone set up a testing environment that 
automatically downloads and installs the latest OpenBSD and package versions, 
and runs these standard tasks through standard programs, as a way for users to 
be more spared from being the first to discover these bugs (and with the 
associated latency of taking a couple of days for someone to debug it, I guess 
normally this means the user will have no given-program for a couple of days).

Webdriver provides an API to operate a web browser, . I wonder what API is out there to operate X in a 
similar fashion.

Such a testing suite could send automated emails to bugs@ or misc@ .

I know failed builds are detected and reported in this way automatically today 
using, what's the name, the.. laundry build bot, which sends emails with the 
list of packages that don't build on a given architecture.

As of today, what package testing is automated by anyone?

>> I'm running -current snapshot dated Thu Aug  3 12:12:07 MDT 2017 with
>> libreoffice- and have been doing some heavy work in Calc for the
>> last hour without any issues.
> Good to know it's seems ok on next snapshot. (I'm on -stable ont this
> machine).
>> What exactly you mean by "write changes" and "validate"; just typing values
>> in a cell and pressing Enter to finish your entry? Does it happen on a
>> blank spreadsheet?
> Just typing values in a cell ans finish entry, yes.
> It doesn't happen in blank spreadsheet, only when I modify a cell.
>> Do you have the user account set to the "staff" class, or somehow assigning
>> it a high datasize limit in login.conf?
> Yes, I run libreoffice with this user.
> -- 
> thuban

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