On 02/12/18 12:07, Xianwen Chen wrote:
Dear OpenBSD users,

I am not able to run OpenBSD 6.2 amd64 on a Dell Latitude E6330. The
installation was done by taking out the hard drive and hook it through
a USB reader to another machine.

I boot the hard drive through Legacy Boot menu. The boot process stops with
root device:

It is possible to boot through bsd.rd. However, the hard drive is not
recognized there.

Here is the dmesg from bsd.rd:


Obviously the best thing is for IT to release the BIOS control to you,
but if they won't, get a USB SATA disk interface, and try to use that.
Your IT department might have figured out how to interfere with that too, but that might be a solution. You'd have to keep that external disk and its interface with you, but at least you could use OpenBSD.

--STeve Andre'

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