while upgrading one of my vmm(4) VMs I noticed the following behaviour and
wondering whether it's a bug or a feature.

I have the following test VM defined:

vm "obsd-1" {
    memory 1024M
    owner xhr
    boot "/bsd"
    disk "/home/xhr/VMs/obsd-vmm-1.img"
    interface {
        switch "local"

When I now want to upgrade the VM, I need to start the VM with bsd.rd as
kernel.  However, I have to change the boot option in vm.conf to bsd.rd
and cannot supply bsd.rd as argument to vmctl start:

$ vmctl start obsd-1 -c -b /tmp/bsd.rd
vmctl: starting without disks
vmctl: starting without network interfaces
vmctl: start vm command failed: Operation already in progress

Wouldn't it be easier to just supply -b from the CLI and get the
remaining info from vm.conf?  ATM I am changing vm.conf and reloading
vmd as root.  Or am I overlooking sth here?



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